Brian Wessel’s editing career began where he was born and raised: St. Louis, Missouri.  There, in a region where there is very little snow, he and his friends started a snowboard crew.  They were called The Jibninjas.  After they filmed themselves going off ramps and rails and generally goofing around, Brian decided to start editing all the footage together.  While in high school, he edited three Jibninja snowboard documentaries. These became the catalysts that ignited the desire to become a film editor.

Brian graduated from the American Intercontinental University in London England with a BFA in Media Productions with a focus on editorial.  With the aim to hone his skills for editing and storytelling, he travelled to Los Angeles where he attended the American Film Institute, where he obtained his MFA in Film Editing.  

He started as an intern on THE WILD WONDERFUL WHITES OF WEST VIRGINIA, however it wasn’t long until he switched towards scripted narrative.  He became an assistant editor on TV shows such as “Happy Endings”, a pilot called “Animal Practice”, “Children’s Hospital”, “The Newsroom” and  “The Killing”.  However, it wasn’t until he got a job assistant editing on “The Vampire Diaries” where he got a lucky break.  After a couple years of proving himself as a co-editor, he got the opportunity to edit an episode on his own.  Since then, Brian has been editing for “The Vampire Diaries” for 3 seasons.  He is currently working on the final episodes of the series.